Chris Bauder

Chris Bauder’s process of molding latex paint into shapes satisfies two desires: Providing abundance and accessibility of color, and exploring the possibilities of the manipulation of form. He gets there with the ritualistic process that’s an obsessive nucleus of his physical interactions with the material by dipping and dripping, pouring and peeling, stretching and stuffing.

Chris Bauder was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1978. Receiving an AA degree in 1998 Bauder transferred to the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall of that year. In the pursuit of his creative process, Bauder was encouraged to focus on sculpture and ceramics more thoroughly. For the next several years he remained devoted to studio art completing a BFA degree in 2004. BFA in hand, Bauder returned to Las Vegas concluding his fine arts education at University of Nevada- Las Vegas. Bauder earned his MFA degree in 2008 with an emphasis in sculpture. Bauder’s work has been shown throughout the Western United States and he was selected as a Nevada Arts Council Fellowship recipient for 2013. Bauder continues to live in Las Vegas and teaches at the College of Southern Nevada.