Daniel Habegger

Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, Daniel Habegger early on had been fascinated by the city’s renowned contemporary art collections and its involvement with the art market, Art Basel. Habegger has been painting since 1978. Most of his recent work is abstract, some of it in the form of wall relief sculptures floating in between aspects of painting and sculpture. Between 1984 and 2010, Habegger planned and realized numerous installations in different spaces, mostly in Berlin, New York, and Las Vegas. All these installations were made from humble construction materials; Habegger cites “how humble materials placed in different context have the ability to completely transform a space”.

The evolvement from analog to digital media in the early 1990’s has deeply impacted Habegger’s approach to painting as can be seen in a recurring series of representational works, started in 1990.

These works explore the relationship of precise observation vs. the inprecision of the gradual disappearance of common ground reality.

Daniel Habegger was born in 1958 in Basel, Switzerland. He lived and worked in Berlin 1984-94 and in New York 1983, 1994-96, where he was the recipient of an artist residency fellowship at MoMA P.S.1, New York, 1994-95. He has lived and worked in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1996.