Jeanne Voltura

Jeanne Voltura received her MFA (Printmaking) in 1996 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. And her BFA (Drawing) in 1993 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Since her schooling, she has taught fine art classes at University of Tennessee (summer courses), the University of Colorado, Boulder, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the College of Southern Nevada. She worked for five years, while teaching at CSN, as the Arts and Humanities Program Developer and Education Director at the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas. Now she is the city of Las Vegas Gallery Director and organizes four gallery spaces giving art exhibit opportunities to all ages and both local and national artists.

In her own artwork, Jeanne Voltura continues the use of needlepoint/cross-stitch in one body of her work. She does this in order to question traditional ideas about masculinity and the issues that arise relative to the traditional gender pressures within relationships. The work turns the tables on the use of the nude. Instead of using the typical approach in idealizing the female nude, she turns the gaze to the male nude, in an approach that allows the female artist to idealize the body and force the vulnerability of the opposite sex. Because vulnerability is not traditionally a masculine trait (unless the male is gay), at times the work through its style and medium is humorous at first but eventually can cause the masculine viewer to be uncomfortable. The male body is not accepted as beautiful as the female has been. This work attempts to both bring beauty to the male body and look at it through female eyes as if the artist is a studying the body scientifically at times and with desire at other times.